EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule for Pre-1978 Houses

I just completed the EPA certification class and test for working in houses that were built prior to 1978.  Kudos to Sherwin Williams for sponsoring the certification class.  This RRP rule is a real game changer in as far as what it will cost to paint and remodel these homes.  If there are cracks to be repaired or any sanding to be done,  the steps that MUST, BY LAW be taken to control the dust will easily add 10% to 20% to every job.    This is for painting.   The added costs to do a room addition or remodel will be closer t0 30%.   All materials in the house such as walls,  painted wood and flooring  must be treated now as hazardous waste when remodeling,  and the time and supplies involved in the special handling will be paid for by you,  the home owner.    Most of these new rules make sense,  but some seem to be overkill.  The rules are in place to protect the home owners and their children from lead poisoning.  The government rating system for contamination in easy to understand terms is that 1 gram of lead dust will contaminate 25,000 square feet of living space…..or ten 2,500 square foot houses.  A pink packet of Sweet and Low contains one gram.

Lead poisoning is real and these new regulations are here to stay.   There is no  “Opt Out” provision for the homeowner. The fines to the contractor are stiff……$37,500 per infraction and the regulations are to be enforced by state,  local and federal agencies.   In Indianapolis, Indiana (where Greg Mrakich Painting is based) and across the country there is a backlog of contractors waiting to take the certification class and test.   If you live in a house build prior to 1978, and are in the process of hiring a contractor, be sure to ask to see proof of certification. I’m afraid that some contractors are not taking this rule seriously, but you as the homeowner, must take this seriously. It’s in place to protect you and your loved ones.

It is “Business as usual” for houses built after 1978.

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