Greg Mrakich Painting, Indianapolis Shares Tips for Homeowners on Ice Damage Repairs

Indianapolis, Indiana has had a very brutal winter with significant snow and an ice storm that paralyzed the city for days. And it’s not over yet.  Higher than average snow fall, monsoon rains and a once in fifty year ice storm have put rain gutters and roofs to the test.  I am sorry to say that not all houses faired as well as others. Basements have flooded,  and interior walls and ceilings have been damaged by water intrusion. When everything dries out,  its time to repair the damage. In most cases the water damage is limited to water stains and minor drywall repair or replacement.  In some cases however, entire walls and/or ceilings might need to be replaced.  And chances are that if the walls are so damaged that they need to be replaced,  the insulation in the walls will need to be replaced as well.  Once insulation gets wet and compacted, it is no longer a good insulator against the elements.  Also in some severe cases,  the baseboards become warped and need to be replaced as well.

Greg Mrakich Painting did an estimate yesterday for repairs and painting on a house that had sustained damage due to the ice storm. As the ice in the gutters slowly thawed, the water seeped underneath the gutters and into the house. If I am hired for the job, before any painting can be done, I’ll need to first examine the insulation to make sure it is still in place and has not been compromised by water damage. Once that is determined, I can make the necessary repairs, and then prime and paint the affected walls and ceilings. When hiring a contractor to do the repairs, make sure that the hidden issues of the insulation and mold are investigated and addressed.  Make sure that your contractor has dealt with these types of repairs and damages before. If your home was built before 1978,  make sure that the contractor is EPA lead-safe certified.

Your walls may look ugly now but the right contractor can make it look like the damage never happened.

Greg Mrakich Painting is an EPA lead-safe certified firm serving the greater Indianapolis market (Marion, Hamilton and Boone counties). Prior to relocating to Indianapolis from Pasadena, California in 2000, Greg Mrakich was licensed in painting and decorating by the State of California Contractors License Board.

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