Greg Mrakich Painting: Interior Painting Considerations

A long time client of Greg Mrakich Painting in Indianapolis, Indiana, recently decided to move from their home of the last 50 years, a modest 1960’s ranch, into a two year old house with an open floor plan. They were going to have me come over to help them pick out some new colors and do some interior painting in the new house. The home’s interior painting scheme is currently a very neutral builders beige throughout, and these clients like color. Well when I got there, I noticed that they had a problem. And they knew it too. None of their furniture really worked in the new house. The scale was wrong for the open floor plan with 10 foot ceilings. The furniture looked, and was completely out of scale for the new house. What had worked so well in their older, traditional ranch, was not “at home” in their new home.

This is something people need to consider when making a move. Your furniture that worked in your old house might not work in the new house. The cute little couch you bought for the inglenook at the old house may be dwarfed by the scale of its new home. I bring this up because I have had a few jobs where my clients have made such a move, and wanted to paint the walls the same color in the new house as they were in their old house. When moving into a new house, color, scale and style of house, as well as your furniture (both style and color),  all need to be considered to get the look you want, and one that suits both you and your new home.

My advice to anyone who has moved or is planning to move into a new home is to hold off on interior painting in those rooms where  you plan to buy new furniture, particularly if you will be buying couches, chairs or any furniture pieces that are upholstered in fabric or leather. I can’t tell you how often I’ve worked with clients on determining paint colors and we’ve selected wall colors that tie into the colors found in the client’s furniture fabrics.

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it is sometimes best to wait on painting until you have the furnishings you want in place to make sure the paint works with the room and the furniture.

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