Greg Mrakich Painting: RRP Rule Exclusions

It is exterior painting season in Indianapolis.  Greg Mrakich Painting has already done five estimates for exterior work.  The other day I did an estimate to paint the exterior of a house located on the northwest side of Indianapolis. It happened to be in the same neighborhood that my wife grew up in. The house was in very good shape – with almost no peeling or chipping paint. When I gave my estimate to the homeowner, she was very pleased with my price and shared with me what her other estimates had been running.  These other painting companies had stressed the fact that because they had to follow the EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule, it would cost more to paint her house.  She asked why my price was so much less.  I explained to her that because of the condition of her house (minimal peeling and chipping),  it fell under the “Minor repair and maintenance activities” RRP Rule Exclusion:

  • For exterior work – disturbing less than 20 square feet per side of painted surface is exempt from the work practices requirements in the Rule.
  • For interior work – disturbing less than 6 square feet per room of painted surface is exempt from the work practices requirements in the Rule.

This homeowner was smart. By keeping up with home maintenance, she saved herself, with my quote anyway, the added expense of the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule. The other two painting companies were adding a 30% surcharge to the price of the project to follow a rule that did not apply.

If your house was built before 1978, make sure your painting contractor not only understands the EPA RRP Rule, but also knows that there are exclusions to the rule. It will save you money on the price of your painting project.

Greg Mrakich Painting is an EPA lead-safe certified firm. For more information about Greg Mrakich and Greg Mrakich Painting. Or, if you live in the metropolitan Indianapolis area and would like to contact me, click here.

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