Greg Mrakich Painting: Should I Hire One Painter Or A Paint Crew?

My name is Greg Mrakich, and I’m a professional painting contractor based in Indianapolis, Indiana with over twenty years experience. I established Greg Mrakich Painting in Pasadena, California, where I was  licensed by the state of California in painting and decorating. When my wife was transferred to Indianapolis, Indiana for a marketing manager position, I re-established Greg Mrakich Painting, in Indianapolis. Indiana has no licensing requirement for painting contractors. What this means to you as a homeowner in Indiana, is that anyone can call themselves a painting contractor (regardless of their level of painting and contracting experience).

Greg Mrakich Painting consists of me, Greg Mrakich. I do it all – sales, project estimator, billing, prep-work, painting and everything in between. Over the years, I have learned that some homeowners prefer a one-man painting company, while others prefer a crew. I think that some homeowners worry that if they hire one painter, he or she will be at their house forever (think Eldin Bernecky, from the television show Murphy Brown). While other homeowners don’t like the idea of a crew taking over their house for the duration of the project. Who are these painters and can I trust them all? I always get a laugh when I read ads from painting companies stating that all their painters have passed drug tests and background checks. If you are a big painting company running crews, wouldn’t that be table stakes? If the prospective clients were not worried about that before, they most certainly are now!

When I do a house painting estimate,  a homeowner will almost always ask me, “So who is going to do the work?”  I tell them in 90% of the cases, especially when it is interior work,  that it will be only me, Greg Mrakich, “the Greg Mrakich” of Greg Mrakich Painting. In my experience, homeowners usually have one or two rooms done at a time if they are currently living in the home. The disruption of more than a few rooms is more than most people can swallow at any one time.  I have one client for whom I have painted one room a year for the past four years. When it is a one or two room project,  there just is not work enough to justify hiring a crew. With me doing all the prep work and painting, there is continuity from beginning to end. The estimate and all subsequent discussions are with me, all color decisions, scope of work, and scheduling are all between you the client, and me, the painting company owner.  There will not be five strangers in your house, only me.  If you have any questions about your project, you know exactly who to ask.  The level of the work and attention to detail is the same from start to end. There is no, “I thought HE was going to sand that before I painted it.”

New clients are often surprised at how quickly and efficiently I work. With my years of experience, I know how orchestrate a project to get in and out in a timely manner while giving my clients a top quality paint job. Many of my repeat clients schedule their interior painting projects for when they are out of town. Knowing that I am going to be the only person working in their house while they are away is comforting to them.  They feel safe trusting me with their alarm codes and their houses.

Whether you will be home or away during your scheduled painting project, know who will be doing the work and what there experience is when it comes to residential house painting.

Greg Mrakich Painting is an award winning and EPA lead-safe certified firm. For more information about Greg Mrakich and Greg Mrakich Painting, click here. Or, if you live in the metropolitan Indianapolis area and would like to contact me about scheduling an estimate for an upcoming project, click here.

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