Greg Mrakich Painting: Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Interior Painting Project

When a painting contractor gives you a price for your interior painting project,  it is based on materials,  time and overhead. You never want to go cheap on materials,  and you really can’t do anything about your contractor’s overhead (other than hire  a small company like Greg Mrakich Painting, Indianapolis, IN). Since I have no employees, my overhead is much, much less than a large painting company that has an office staff, project estimators and paint crews. When I estimate a painting project,  I think about the time it will take me to complete the job more than anything else.  If my estimate is off, I will either price myself too high and not get the job, or price myself too low, get the job and not make any money.  I tell my prospective customers that if they are looking to reduce the cost of an interior painting project, there are several things they can do:

  • Take down the pictures, mirrors, drapes, curtain rods etc.
  • Put away the breakables (figurines, knickknacks and other chotskies)
  • Remove outlet and light plate covers

Just doing these things can save you money and the painting contractor can spend his/her time prepping, painting and cleaning up after completing your interior painting project.

One other thing, it amazes me that there are painting companies that charge for estimates. In my 20 plus years as a professional painting contractor, both in the Pasadena and Los Angeles, California markets (where overhead and materials are much more expensive) and in the metropolitan Indianapolis, Indiana market, I have never charged for a painting estimate. In my opinion, estimates are part of the cost of doing business.

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