Interior Painting Tips for New Home Construction and Room Additions

I’ve been painting homes for over 20 years, both in Southern California (Pasadena area) and the last nine years in and around the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Most of my work is custom repaint projects, but from time to time, I will be hired to paint a new house or a room addition. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when getting estimates for your paint project:

1. With new construction you always want to use the correct primer on new drywall and wood surfaces.  A primer seals the surface and gives finish coats something to hold onto.  Painting without correct priming will significantly reduce the life of the paint job.

2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again always use a quality paint.  The labor costs are the same whether you are painting with cheap paint or premium paint.   Get your moneys worth.  A premium paint will last longer,  touch up easier and is scrubbable where a lesser quality paint is not.

3. Make sure you and your painter are on the same page when it comes to materials (primer and finish coat grade), prep work and number of coats.  One primer coat and two finish coats is industry standard for new construction.  Prep work should always include filling nail holes, sanding and caulking. Your painter should always go back and repair any drywall blemishes that become visible once the walls and trim are painted.

A great paint job will make a new home look great, and an old home look like new.

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