New Construction Painting is Not the Same as a Repaint

The skills required to do a quality repaint are not the same skills required for new construction painting.  But with the slow down in new housing construction, many new home construction painters are bidding on interior repaint projects, and they may give you a price that is too good to be true to get the work.

New home painters are accustomed to working in empty homes. Their mind set is get in and out as fast as humanly possible, usually using a compressor to spray walls and trim (doors, moldings, window trim, etc). They are scheduled to paint before any flooring is installed. In new construction painting, there is no need to worry about furniture, carpet, flooring or the homeowners’ personal belongings. Nor are there any nail pops or settling cracks to repair. Not true for interior repaint projects. These are all things a top notch painter specializing in repaint projects is concerned about and makes sure to take care of.

Also new home construction painters usually work for the general contractor and don’t have to carry liability insurance.  Make sure anyone who works on your home carries liability insurance.

If your home was build before 1978, anyone you hire to do any renovation, repair work or painting in your home MUST be Lead-Safe Certified from the EPA to even bid on the job and they must  provide you with the proof of certification and the EPA pamphlet, “Renovate Right” before starting the job.

Look at the whole picture when you are given a painting estimate.  The too good to be true price may be exactly what it appears, too good to be true.

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