Who is the Best Painting Contractor in Indianapolis, Indiana for your Paint Job?

There is no shortage of painting contractors in Indianapolis, Indiana.  If you type in painting contractors Indianapolis in Google, you will get over 50 pages of painters in and around Indianapolis. You may have even found Greg Mrakich Painting through Google or through a subscription service such as Angie’s List. But, how do you know which painter is the best for your job?  There are several key points to remember.

You get what you pay for.  Lets say you are having your exterior painted.  You get three bids ranging from $4000 to $7200. Why the huge difference in price?  The difference is usually in the prep work,  and this is the same for interior painting as well as exterior painting.  It might take two days to do the painting,  but it also might take four days to prep the rooms or exterior of the house for the paint.  The low end bid might include the obvious prep work that is visible from space,  but does it include the caulking of joints that you can’t see from the ground?  Does it include primer when and where necessary?  And what grade product is being used?  Anything less than a top of the line product is a waste in my opinion.  The overall cost of the paint on any job is usually less than 25%,  so why cut corners to save a few hundred dollars?

Also,  different painters do different kinds of work.  You don’t really want a new construction painter painting your furnished, currently lived in home.  Two completely different things.  New construction building painters are used to empty houses with no carpet or flooring,  and won the job for being either the lowest bidder,  or worse,  the contractor’s painter on retainer.  New construction painters are used to painting an entire 3000 square foot house in under 2 days,  while  a seasoned,  experienced custom home painter specializing in repaint jobs might spend one day in a bed room,  making sure furniture is covered and safe, trim is masked off,  and two coats are applied by hand (roller and brush) and not with a sprayer.

When getting a bid, know who is doing the work, and that they do that type of work.  With new home building down, there are many new home painters trying to enter the custom repaint market who might not be qualified or have the necessary skill sets that custom repaints require. Another consideration if you own a home built before 1978. The EPA lead-safe rule requires contractors (including painters) to be lead-safe certified.  It is a federal law and any contractor caught doing work who is not lead-safe certified is subject to heavy fines.

Don’t feel shy about asking for referrals.  You will be glad that you did.

Greg Mrakich Painting is an award winning and EPA lead-safe certified firm. For more information about Greg Mrakich and Greg Mrakich Painting, click here. Or, if you live in the metropolitan Indianapolis area and would like to contact me about scheduling an estimate for an upcoming project, click here.

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